Biden/Harris Phone Banking

The Biden / Harris campaign needs your help reaching out to registered voters in Prince George's County to remind them about the deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot and to likely voters in swing states.

Here's every thing you need to know to get started:

1). To make calls into Prince George's, click here for all the resources necessary to call in:

2) Information on FL Calls: 
For FL, calls will be centered around identifying support for Joe Biden and down-ballot Municipal races in Florida! The down-ballot candidate we'll be calling for is Dan Helm, running for Supervisor of Elections in Pinellas County. 
To start OpenVPB Calls into FL:

3) Information on NC Calls: 
For NC, calls will be centered around GOTV. We'll also be calling for a series of candidates, including VP Biden, Gov. Roy Cooper, Cal Cunningham for Senate, and other down-ballot candidates. To preview the NC ThruTalk Script, click here! You can also watch a short training video by clicking here. When logging into ThruTalk, we request that you add an (MD) after your name to be recognized as a Maryland Volunteer.
To make ThruTalk Dialer calls into NC:  
If the Dialer isn't working use this link we have an Open Virtual Phonebank ready. The voters here are all likely voters for a GOTV call list. 
To start OpenVPB Calls into NC: